Sometimes we have Rockstar ideas that seem to gel with the world to a certain point before…. well before the universe starts to push us in other directions.

That’s how Kyle Steele,  founder explains the path of his social enterprise venture, Learn Jelly which helps elementary kids learn academic, life, and vocational skills through storytelling and coding.

Learn Jelly Founder Loses Ego and gets vulnerable on Dear Rockstar

Kyle was brought up in the inner city in Detroit, Michigan and left by his mother to be raised by his father in his early years. He dealt with a traumatic upbringing including abuse and molestation that left him carrying the wounds of his messy childhood into adulthood.

It was the messiness inside of him that led him to  identify and manifest his purpose.

These experiences, these messy places were part of my story and part of what makes my story special and unique and powerful.

Embracing vulnerability and getting out of his way Learn Jelly founder touches kids lives

Today through Kyle’s social venture, Learn Jelly, he promises to provide children with security, support, assistance and guidance through their formative years. He recognizes that everyone has a story, and teaching them to value it, animate it, and bring it to life is the path by which we each find our purpose and grow into our highest and best selves.

Of course, his entrepreneurial path was rot with twists in the road. Ego was one of Kyle’s biggest challengers.  Kyle shares his struggle with his own ego and his own idea of what his business was suppose to be, versus what it has become. He encourages us as founders to  get out of our own way by taking the ego out of the equation and letting go of what we believe must happen for us to succeed.

to experience a grander and altogether more impactful  imagined our idea to be and allow it to become something grander than we could have ever imagined.

Kyle urges that when we are in our calling, we  don’t have to panic, we just need to put our skills into practice and stay open to the opportunities before us. And he reminds us that wherever our joy spot is, wherever we find our deepest meaning, happiness is most likely our purpose, our assignment here and now.

Founder gets vulnerable talks about ego and getting out of his own way on Dear Rockstar
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Vulnerability, Ego & Getting Out Of Your Own Way