“At Google I learned that there is space in your work life…not to just work for the company but to also work on your own thing.” 

Andres Aranguibel is the co-founder of Hotswitch an app to connect audiences to the shows they love on TV. In this Dear Rockstar episode watch as Andres shares his three year, rollercoaster, startup ride and the entrepreneur epiphanies which helped Hotswitch raise $300K in 12 months.

A self described nerd, Andres  creative making began when he was a young boy growing up in Venezuela, reading Harry Potter.  His first venture involved writing his own Harry Potter stories in Spanish.  It wasn’t long after he found himself fascinated with landscapes and began drawing. And then there was the venture with his brother, creating videos and learning to code- all the while dreaming of someday being in TV.

His artistic talents led him to pursue a degree in graphic arts and multi-media communications but it was an internship at Google that showed Andres the both and life; the life of work and starting something, simultaneously.

Tech company narrows focus and raises 300K

At Google I learned that there is space in your work life…not to just work for the company but to also work on your own thing….It got me sparked, sparked to work on my own thing.”

Watch as Andres walks us through the roller coaster startup journey he and his  business partners, Leonardo Aranguibel and Ravel Antunes have navigated. With grace, humility and transparency Andres unpacks the lessons and divine aha’s he has experienced as a founder- one of which includes learning that part of his job, part of his job as a founder is his mental health.

Tech founder narrows focus and raises 300K

Andres is able to pull back the covers on common entrepreneur myths and lies to help each of us see a truer-truth.

Don’t miss this young entrepreneur and his ageless wisdom.

Who says dreams don’t come true?

Andres Aranguible dreamed of being in TV and today that’s exactly where he and his team mates are after raising 300K.

This episode is for anyone who struggles with work/entrepreneur balance, young entrepreneurs, tech founders and anyone with a dream that feels too big to be possible…


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