What Matters Now: Pandemic Musing

We are certainly in tough times. They say when things get tough the tough get going. I use to believe, if you were tough and believed enough you could get through anything. And then  the past 8 months happened, I spent three months on my back due to an injury, struggled with COVID19 for 5+ weeks and topped it off by getting bitten by a snake.

I no longer think being tough is the answer.

I do however, still believe in the power of faith.

So how do we navigate a crisis which has the likelihood of being every bit as severe as the Great Depression?

Although this question feels out of my league, here are my thoughts on what matters now.


Be Honest About What You Need & How You Are Doing.

As tempting as it is to put on my cape and act all independent like. This is not the time nor the place. Vulnerability has never been my strong suit perhaps that is why I was given the opportunity to be nearly immobile for three months and then catch what I believe was COVID19. (Wasn’t able to get tested even though I was in the ER- I will seek the antibody test) Now is not the time for pride nor for you or I to give into our ego’s.

Now is the time to let others in, to take off our Superman and Superwoman capes, to crawl out from under whatever hard shell protects us and share our truth. My mantra  now is  “truth matters, tell everyone the truth, be real.” As difficult as it is for many of us, it is time to make the ask. To ask for help, advice, introductions, a call …whatever you truly need… It is time to receive from others and let go of trying to be perfect, have it all together and or be in control.


Ask People How You Can Help.

As important as it is for me to be open to receive help, it is also important I don’t overdo it and allow myself to morph Pam the self centered, selfish soul.  When life gets tough I tend to put my head down, rev up the ole protestant work ethic and work harder and longer. This habit of mine has a tendency to isolate me in times of trauma, tragedy and challenge. This time I’m committed to not only ask for help, be real about where I am, how I feel but to also ask others, how I can help.

Now is the time for We versus Me.

Now is We Time. “How can I Help?” What if you and I were to balance our self awareness and willlingness to be vulnerable and invite others into our  lives with asking others how we can help, permission to be invited into their lives to serve, support, and love them?


Be In Community, And Invite Others In

If I both invite others into my truth, be real, embrace vulnerability and willingly receive as well as ask others how I can help I will be in community. I will BE community.

Being community. Being in community. It is a two way street.

And more than ever I’m clear, you can’t just give or take if you want to heal yourself and this world. Community is a both and endeavor. We both invite others in and ask to be invited. This feels right, right now.


Share, Trade, Collaborate.

The economy has been disrupted. We are entering a new world. We will live through a depression. And the answer is sharing, trading, collaborating, creating, building and inventing. Partnerships. Teams matter now.  Now is the time to pool resources, identify new opportunities and create innovative solutions and act fast. Everyone a value creator, everyone capable of creating their own job or jobs for others. Embracing the co-creator within and working with others feels right, more right than ever.


Let Go.

Yesterday is gone. I had a ton of plans. I was suppose to be at trade shows. I was suppose to be deploying licenses to new clients. I must let what was suppose to be, go. Hanging onto yesterday is a waste of time. I will certainly hold tight to my calling, dreams and hopes but I refuse to delude myself into thinking about what was…

Letting go of false beliefs is how we deal with reality.

It is time to be relentless in our willingness to face our current reality and absolutely committed to hold onto our faith, the faith we will see better days.    Hopefilled we ground ourselves in this new world, our new reality and step by step we navigate through…together. Yes, now more than ever embracing what is feels right. It matters, now.


Adapt, Invent, Create

Being of service. Helping others is the only way out of this pickle.

Who am I. Why am I on the planet.And how can I help, who…right  now?

These are the questions I ask myself every day and they fuel my focus. We can adapt. We are flexible. We are inventive. Right now this matters.



Althougth I refuse to not accept and deal with reality I also refuse to not believe. I can not, not believe. I do believe. I believe God is with us, here in this moment, whispering, calling us forward to be the hands and feet of love, now.

Now. You and I were born for such a time as this. Our finest hour-is ahead of us. I do believe.

Now. You and I get to choose. Who will we be, what values will we embrace.

Now, now each and every word, each and every action matters more than ever.



Pam Hoelzle


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What Matters Now: Pandemic Musing