Everyday…I see the end. And well, you can’t wait to wake up. We need to realize, you have a time limit, here.”

Rob Starkman started Rockem Apparel in his dorm room. Years later it’s a seven-digit sock empire. In our conversation Rob shares how he got started, his WHY for starting, who inspires him and drops young entrepreneur growing a million dollar venture, wisdom bombs nearly every three minutes.

Listen to the entire conversation by selecting the audio embed below or watch video excerpts from our conversation, above.

Rob is a friend of mine. And I have to admit I love this guy’s passion. I love how crazy happy it makes him to make others happy. I love how happiness is his WHY and how committed he is to  creating something remarkable, special and unique.

There’s so many great moments in our time together, my best advice is to listen to each and every video clip. And then dive into the entire audio recording. He is entirely transparent in his sharing of the day he decided to drop out of college to pursue his dream.

I’m thankful for Rob reminding us of our terminal nature. He’s right-there’s no better time or place then now and where you are- to design a life of passion, purpose and profit.

You’ll also learn about the people who have inspired him along the way,  Johnny Cupcake and Walt Disney.

Keep rocking your life Dear Rockstar and remember- you were born to start, grow, create, make and contribute – like no one prior and no one after you-ever will



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