You Are The Answer To This Crisis

You Are The Answer


You are the answer to the economy. You are the answer to your economic issues, to the business closure, loss of income and or unemployment. And I mean this in the best, most empowering way. You, your friends, your family, are the tribe capable of creating the economic engines to keep you afloat, to rebuild and to thrive in the months, years ahead.


Before I give you a few ideas, resources to help you along your way. Let me be clear. Most of us were not prepared for the world, economy we find ourselves in today. The COVID19 economy.


Think about it. In a time where 57% of adults engage in free lancing, or self employment, annually producing over $1 billion dollars. And 51% of hiring executives plan to hire more independent workers, not less… how is it most of us didn’t even have one class on how to start a business, become self employed, create a product, service, become an independent contractor or launch a social venture or non profit? How is it we didn’t get to practice creating our own jobs?


Work has changed, I love the IBM, Facebook comparison. When IBM was valued at $1 Billion dollars it employed 53,000 people. When Facebook reached a $1Billion dollar valuation it employed 13,000 people. Technology has certainly reduced the number of humans needed it has also transformed the nature of work, types of work and the platforms you and I can access for mere dollars per month.


If you feel things are changing way too fast, you are right. Matter of fact, 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030, haven’t even been created yet. So yes, we are living in unprecedented times where rapid technology driven change (technology doubles its capabilities every 12-18 months), globalization and interconnectivity is fueling complexity, chaos and connectivity.


And as if we needed more proof, COVID19, a  global traveling virus evidence of the interconnected world and rapidly changing world, planet wreaks havoc across the world.


No one will save us.


Outside of the saving grace of the Divine, God. I don’t trust government nor do I trust employers… to save us.


I do however, trust US. You and I. We. I do believe you plus your friends, family and community members are the answer to the jobs we seek, to the community we seek, to the lives we seek and to the changes we seek in our world, politics and planet.


Insanity is doing the same thing expecting new results. Churchill encouraged us to, “Never waste a crisis.”


Now is the perfect time to take full responsibility for your situation. It is time to forget what your employer might do, what loan or stimulus package might come your way and to double down on what you and your tribe of friends, family and resources can and will do… to not only survive, but thrive.


Yeah, but…


There is no time for but’s…


You are a value creator, you were born for such a time as this. You and the Divine, can co-create. You and your neighbor, family can answer the call that is being asked of you now.


Those who create value.. faster will be the winners. So you must start, you must start today.


Think about all your experiences, think about what people need right now. You have so many talents and abilities, what could you do for others, they would be willing to pay you for- that is congruent with your values, who you are and what you want to be about…NOW.


A few questions to get you moving…

  1. Who are you what are you good at, what resources, expertise, skills and resources do you have?
  2. What matters to you, gives you meaning, is fulfilling?
  3. What do you love to do, who do you love to be, who are you when you are your best self?
  4. What problems, opportunities, challenges in your neighborhood, community, region, the world are you most attracted to, would like to solve, leverage, capitalize on?
  5. What solutions do you believe are most needed now, which align with who you are, why you are on the planet and your abilities, resources – right now?
  6. What is the fastest way for you to get clients, users, donors before you launch, how could you test your idea?
  7. What is stopping you?


I will continue to share resources. Check out all the great starter, creator, entrepreneur conversations at How To Start Something TV. Be inspired by people just like you.

If you’d like to accelrate your idea right now. I have (2) remote online accelerators my team and I are facilitating, for free as part of our way of giving back during COVID19

Business Survival Accelerator

COVID19IDea Accelerator

How To Start Something Accelerator.

Whatever you do, start, start today. Start small but start. This is the perfect time to create your own economic engines and to be the answer, the solution you need, your family needs and your community needs. NOW.

If you want to chat, hit me up at [email protected]

Don’t waste this crisis, you were born for such a time as this!!

You Are The Answer To This Crisis