“It Started With A Project To Create One Arm For One Child.”

Tyler Petresky, the 20-something engineering student, co-founder of Limbitless Solutions   believes you’re never too young to change the world.

You’ve seen the Robert Downey Jr video where the iron man, bionic 3d printed arm get’s gifted to the little boy Alex?  Well then you’ve seen the additive personal bionics and solutions for disabilities called- Limbitless Solutions. Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization founded by 4 college students at UCF who began their journey  with a simple project they believed was a one time event, creating one bionic arm for one child.

Today Limbitless is an international wonder inspiring compassionate innovation around the world. A non-profit devoted to bringing hope and technology to kids who need it most. In this conversation with Tyler Petresky, a founding partner in Limbitless we talk; changing the world at any age, the pressures of staying true to your mission and the biggest lessons of his young entrepreneurial life.

Dear Rockstar, Tyler’s story will inspire you to think big, big …BIGGER



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You Can Change The World At Any Age; Co-Founder Limbitless Solutions