Tech Co-Founders Build Six Digit Company Fast

Terrance Donnelly and Josh Imel talk 80’s montage startup. Along the way they share their best friend journey and how they built an app company doing 6 digits in less than 2 years.

What might be possible if you and I were to refuse to give up? What if we were to commit to be  flexible? To let go of our vision of how it has to work? What if we stayed open to input and sought to learn, and be curious. What if we were to commit ourselves to do the journey with an open mind, heart and will?

What if the secret is never giving up and always being willing to iterate, learn, pivot and grow. Of course you are right, Terrance- you can’t fail if you don’t give up…

Dear Rockstar whether you are a technology, nerd or want to change the world through education the key is to find people who believe in your vision and who want to help. Together all things are possible. Team’s make dreams come possible- don’t you dare try to do it all alone!



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