“You Have To Shut An Iron Door Between Yesterday & Tomorrow And Focus On Today.”

Upper class, elite, and not so diverse voices have historically controlled the world of publishing. That was yesterday. Welcome to the age of everyone a publisher.

Amidst this arising from Orlando is the young and daring artist, Jonathan Yubi, who is spearheading Artborne, an independently published print and online magazine. Artborne is dedicated to the advancement of Orlando’s art scene and already has begun raising waves.

In this episode of Dear Rockstar we hone in on the importance of diversity, of gathering staff and voices around the rallying point of core values. Not everyone is your customer Dear Rockstar, and staying true to your core is more venerable than widening beyond where you ought to extend.

For Artborne this was a lesson learned from the release of their November issue, an issue featuring a cartoon clown face of the now president elect, Donald Trump.

“It was so important here in Orlando especially with all that’s happened—we wanted to be a steward of a social agenda very different from the rest of central Florida.”

Artist launches Artborne Magazine

In this candid chat we talk about real issues facing young entrepreneurs and the importance of working with people who “are better than you”, people with different skillsets who can enrich the palette of what your product offers to consumers.

Shitty first drafts, (Anne Lamott) initial optimism shattered by reality and stress mitigation techniques are all a part of our chat with the young artist born in the Bronx now shining a light on the artists of central Florida.

Jonathan Yubi, artist sits down to talk with Pam Hoelzle of Dear Rockstar to talk launching Artborne Magazine
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Young Artist Publishes Artborne Magazine